Pattaya Ladyboys

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If there is a Ladyboy Capital in the world then I think it is fair to say that Pattaya would take that crown. Every time I return to Pattaya it seems like there are more and more ladyboys walking the streets and working the bars. In fact, you can’t even visit a pizza hut or KFC nowadays without getting served by a ladyboy.

Most of them are harmless. But you might not want to walk down Soi 6 late at night after the bars close because you will have to walk past quite a few offering their services and some of them are nasty looking and might give you a fright. If I happen to venture down that road then by the looks of some of them I am just waiting to hear the words “Trick or Treat”.

I had a laugh with a young boy/girl/ladyboy/monster/freak while at a bar in Pattaya. The bar was opposite my hotel “The Areca Lodge” and as I walked past and felt like an ice cold beer to cool me down I noticed him/her and just had to take a picture or 2.

You do get some very attractive ladyboys though and a lot of them hang out around Nana Plaza where there are a few ladyboy gogo’s and after the bars close you will find them working the streets. I have nothing against them as long as they leave me alone and for those that I do chat with I treat them no different to any other person (But I must admit some of them scare me haha).

8 Responses to Pattaya Ladyboys

  1. Snazzypants says:

    Did you happen to get any info from the ladyboy in the white tanktop? Very attractive. I’d like to get to know her.

    • mattdes says:

      I don’t know the name of the ladyboy however, if you make your way down to Soi 7 there is a Mexican restaurant called Tequila Reef. The bar she worked in at the time was directly opposite the Tequila Reef. Bear in mind this was over a year ago so she may have moved on to another bar. But if you print out this picture then I’m sure someone at the bar or near the bar will recognise her and be able to tell you more info. Good luck!!

  2. Snazzypants says:

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)
    Have you seen hot tube time machine? she’s definitely the great white buffalo hahahaha!
    such a great movie man. I highly recommend. Thank you for your help, Mattdes. You’re a great writer. What brought you to Thailand?

  3. Snazzypants says:

    Man, that girl in the bottom right of the pictures…she’s enough of a reason to stay in Thailand. I hope I can find her. There are millions of ladyboys though, but she’s a fox.

  4. Johnycesar says:

    Hey mattdes…the one in the white top is pretty hot….when did you first meet her, was it a long time ago..just wondering if she will still be working

    • mattdes says:

      Hello Johny, I had a beer in a neighbouring bar and spotted her so asked if I could take a photo. I have no idea if she still works there and this was over a year ago. If you are in the city then just head for Soi 7 and take a look or ask around.

  5. Johnycesar says:

    Thanks for the quick reply..I will be heading there soon…are you sure he is 100% ladyboy….but good Informative site you have anyway..keep up the good work

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