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Pattaya Ladyboys


If there is a Ladyboy Capital in the world then I think it is fair to say that Pattaya would take that crown. Every time I return to Pattaya it seems like there are more and more ladyboys walking the streets and working the bars. In fact, you can’t even visit a pizza hut or KFC nowadays without getting served by a ladyboy.

Most of them are harmless. But you might not want to walk down Soi 6 late at night after the bars close because you will have to walk past quite a few offering their services and some of them are nasty looking and might give you a fright. If I happen to venture down that road then by the looks of some of them I am just waiting to hear the words “Trick or Treat”.

I had a laugh with a young boy/girl/ladyboy/monster/freak while at a bar in Pattaya. The bar was opposite my hotel “The Areca Lodge” and as I walked past and felt like an ice cold beer to cool me down I noticed him/her and just had to take a picture or 2.

You do get some very attractive ladyboys though and a lot of them hang out around Nana Plaza where there are a few ladyboy gogo’s and after the bars close you will find them working the streets. I have nothing against them as long as they leave me alone and for those that I do chat with I treat them no different to any other person (But I must admit some of them scare me haha).